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Thank you for taking part in this online survey. The purpose of this survey is to understand your or your child’s experience with your or their YMCA in the last 12 months with the following programmes and activities:

  • Before and/or after school care
  • Outdoor recreation – activities that take place outdoors e.g. nature walks, high ropes, sailing, kayaking and team building etc.
  • Holiday programmes – outdoor activities held during the school holidays e.g. arts, crafts, games, sports, swimming, mountain biking etc.
  • Camps – camping trips for schools, families, community or church groups as well as leadership and business retreats
  • Youth leadership – programmes that develop leadership skills and sense of community
  • Indoor recreation – a class or activity that is held at the YMCA and instructed by YMCA staff e.g. kindy gym, climbing, dance, gymnastics, basketball, squash, badminton etc.
Your views are greatly appreciated and the answers you provide will help the YMCA to understand how they can help improve the experience.

Please note this survey has been designed to enable benchmarking across sport and recreation organisations and service providers, therefore some of the terminology may seem funny but we hope you can still answer the questions.

The survey should only take about 15 minutes and if you have any queries about this survey, you can contact

This is a survey link that you can share with other, relevant people who contribute to your YMCA. Specific comments you make in the survey will not be directly responded to.

Please click the button below to start and thanks in advance for your participation!